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Undergraduates teaching mathematics in schools

Dr Craig Agnor describes a module in which students act as teaching assistants in nearby schools.


Challenges of introducing problem-based learning

Dr James Busfield discusses the challenges and obstacles that he experienced introducing problem based learning and how he tackled them.


Motivation for introducting problem-based learning

Dr James Busfield discusses the motivations behind the introduction of problem based learning in his department.


Blair government course: a history

Dr Jon Davis tells the story of the evolution of modern history courses, the Mile End Group and the Blair government course, which studied history as it was made with high-profile current participants taking part.


Essential Mathematics: high standards and basic skills

Prof Franco Vivaldi discusses the Essential Mathematics course which runs in the first year and focuses on bringing fundamental skills considered essential to master for success in the degree, up to a high standard.


Mathematical Writing

Prof Franco Vivaldi describes the history of the development of a writing course in mathematics, using writing as a focus on conceptual understanding.