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Contributions by " Warren Boutcher"

Dr Warren Boutcher is a Reader in Renaissance Studies in the School of English and Drama and the Dean for Taught Programmes for Humanities and Social Sciences.

Recording Teaching

In this Spotlight we present an overview of recording teaching, the options and considerations, some possible methods and uses, examples and experiences from academics at Queen Mary.

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Separating lectures and seminars by a week

Dr Warren Boutcher explains his use of a longer interval between the lecture and seminar on a given text.

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Lecturing in pairs

Dr Warren Boutcher describes how lecturing is done in pairs on stage at the same time in one of his courses.

Learning Journals online to support small group teaching

Dr Warren Boutcher discusses his use of online learning journals to aid small group teaching and some of the previous difficulties with their use.

Audio Feedback

Dr Warren Boutcher explains how he produces audio feedback on assignments and essays for his students via both the VLE and standalone software. He details the workflow he follows and possible issues to consider.

School-Level VLE Strategy

Dr Warren Boutcher explains the background for the implementation of a School-Level VLE strategy in the School of English and Drama, why and how it was introduced and some of the features.

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