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Prof Rachael Mulheron is Professor of Law at Queen Mary’s School of Law.

Linking Research and Teaching

Two of the main roles a modern academic has are as a researcher and a teacher. This post presents the experiences of a set of academics, who in their research and teaching practice, have found different beneficial ways of linking the two activities, from using their research results, to using research as a teaching tool, to using teaching to inform research.


Prof Rachael Mulheron describes the use of ‘mooting’ in Law – role play competitions based on the court environment.

Non-assessed essay and feedback session

Prof Rachael Mulheron describes the non-assessed essays used in Law and the focus on feedback.

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Bonus tutorial

Prof Rachael Mulheron offers a optional Bonus tutorial to help students link their lecture theatre learning to elements of the exam.

Using hints, tips and examples from professional practice

Prof Rachael Mulheron explains how she uses her own professional practice to help students adapt their theoretical learning in the lecture theatre to their practical vocation of Law.

Relating research and teaching

Prof Rachael Mulheron explains how she relates her research in class actions to her teaching so that students experience Law as it is being made.

Using flow charts and tables in teaching

Prof Rachael Mulheron explains why she uses charts, tables and diagrams as key parts of her teaching in order to aid the students’ understanding of key connections and logical analysis.

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