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Prof Peter McOwan is Professor of Computer Science in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science and the Dean for Taught Programmes for Science & Engineering. Peter is a National Teaching Fellow.

Recording Teaching

In this Spotlight we present an overview of recording teaching, the options and considerations, some possible methods and uses, examples and experiences from academics at Queen Mary.

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Vodcasting visual material

Prof Peter McOwan describes when he has created video podcasts for visual material instead of simple audio podcasts.

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Podcasting lectures

Prof Peter McOwan discusses podcasting lectures and his experiences and lessons learnt.

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Self-selected groups

Prof Peter McOwan explains why he allows self-selected groups for some group coursework.

Keeping control in large lectures

Prof Peter McOwan discusses a couple of methods of keeping control of large lectures.

CS4FN: Computer Science outreach

Prof Peter McOwan talks about the CS4FN outreach magazine produced at Queen Mary.

Serious fun

Prof Peter McOwan talks about his educational philosophy of serious fun.

Magic, algebra and outreach

Prof Peter McOwan talks about The Magic of Computer Science, an outreach book connecting magic tricks, algebra and algorithms.

Magic as a metaphor

Prof Peter McOwan describes his use of magic as a metaphor for his teaching of computer science to help student engagement and understanding.