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Contributions by " Malcolm Fish"

Malcolm Fish is the Year 5 Administrator for the School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Pre-exam briefing: calming nerves

Malcolm Fish expands on the standard pre-exam briefing to try to reassure and calm students before important stressful exams.

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Signposting online material

Malcolm Fish talks about the importance of more specific signposting when things are posted online or on the VLE.

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Showing interest in students’ progress

Malcolm Fish explains how helpful it can be for students who are getting on with their course, but not necessarily struggling, to know that interest is taking in their progress.

Electronic term newsletter

Malcolm Fish describes the termly newsletter sent to students, who are often working in various locations, that provides a link with the department and an opportunity to send out useful but non-urgent information.

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Course timeline

Malcolm Fish describes how he helps support 5th year medical students by providing a timeline, incorporating e.g. deadlines, in addition to their complicated timetable.

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