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Contributions by " James Busfield"

Dr James Busfield is a Reader in Materials in the School of Engineering and Materials Science and a National Teaching Fellow.

Focus, position and movement

In this spotlight we look at some ideas particularly relevant with large lectures regarding the position and movement of the lecturer.

Different delivery spots in lectures

Dr James Busfield explains his technique of identifying different delivery spots for different parts of the lecture.

Reasons for using clickers

Dr James Busfield talks about his reasons for using clickers in the lecture hall.

Workplace visits

Dr James Busfield explains why his departments organises work place visits early in the course.

Challenges of introducing problem-based learning

Dr James Busfield discusses the challenges and obstacles that he experienced introducing problem based learning and how he tackled them.

Motivation for introducting problem-based learning

Dr James Busfield discusses the motivations behind the introduction of problem based learning in his department.