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Contributions by " Erez Levon"

Dr Erez Levon is Lecturer in Linguistics in the School of Languages, Linguistics and Film.

Linking Research and Teaching

Two of the main roles a modern academic has are as a researcher and a teacher. This post presents the experiences of a set of academics, who in their research and teaching practice, have found different beneficial ways of linking the two activities, from using their research results, to using research as a teaching tool, to using teaching to inform research.

Teaching informing research

Dr Erez Levon discusses how his teaching, whilst informed by his research, in turn informs and provides ideas for his research.

Real life exercises

Dr Erez Levon describes how he uses reflective and active activities that are based on the students ‘real’ life or experiences to inform discussions in class.

Keeping students engaged in class

Dr Erez Levon discusses the variety of techniques that he uses to keep students engaged during class and produce an informal atmosphere.

Encouraging active participation in class

Dr Erez Levon discusses the techniques that he uses to ensure that his classes are active and that students are participanting during the session, including an example of the type of exercise that he runs at the beginning of all classes.