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Contributions by " Eoin McDonnell"

Eoin McDonnell was a Senior Learning Technologist in the E-Learning Unit at QMUL.

Recording Teaching

In this Spotlight we present an overview of recording teaching, the options and considerations, some possible methods and uses, examples and experiences from academics at Queen Mary.

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Overview of recording teaching: is it difficult to learn to do?

Eoin McDonnell addresses the concerns of those who like the idea of recording teaching but are concerned about the time or technical skills.

Overview of recording teaching: what can I record?

Eoin McDonnell considers what one may wish to actually record from your teaching and describes some of the range of different recordings within the College beyond lectures.

Overview of recording teaching: technology options

Eoin McDonnell discusses some of the wide variety of options available in terms of the technology used to record teaching, based on two main areas, and why you might choose different options based on your needs and interest level.

Overview of recording teaching: questions to ask yourself

Eoin McDonnell considers what questions you need to ask yourself before recording your teaching.