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Contributions by " Dorota Bourne"

Dr Dorota Bourne is Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at Queen Mary’s School of Business and Management.

Recording Teaching

In this Spotlight we present an overview of recording teaching, the options and considerations, some possible methods and uses, examples and experiences from academics at Queen Mary.

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Online teaching – new technology and workload

Dr Dorota Bourne talks about two things of interest for anyone else considering starting online teaching: how easy/hard it was for her to learn to use the new technology she chose for online teaching and the workload.

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Motivations and Benefits for Online Teaching

Dr Dorota Bourne explains her initial and later motivations for using online teaching and the benefits for her of doing so.

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Pre-recorded Online Lectures

Dr Dorota Bourne describes why and how she pre-records sets lectures and places them online and the changes she has made to face-to-face lectures.

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