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Alastair Hudson was Professor of Equity and Law in Queen Mary’s School of Law. Alastair was named UK Law Teacher of the Year 2008 at the UKCLE “Learning in Law” Conference in January 2008 and is a National Teaching Fellow.

Linking Research and Teaching

Two of the main roles a modern academic has are as a researcher and a teacher. This post presents the experiences of a set of academics, who in their research and teaching practice, have found different beneficial ways of linking the two activities, from using their research results, to using research as a teaching tool, to using teaching to inform research.

Recording Teaching

In this Spotlight we present an overview of recording teaching, the options and considerations, some possible methods and uses, examples and experiences from academics at Queen Mary.

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Technology for podcasting

Prof Alastair Hudson describes the technology that he uses to produce his podcasts on his courses, starting as a complete amateur.

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Podcasting approach and considerations

Prof Alastair Hudson describes the approach that he uses when podcasting – how he does it and their purpose – and the considerations to think when planning to produce such resources.

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Podcasts – connecting with students

Prof Alastair Hudson uses a range of types of podcasts to try to connect with the students and provide different ideas and opportunities to help students understand after leaving the classroom.

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Linking research and teaching

Prof Alastair Hudson discusses how he tries to link his research and his teaching, including often using his published books on his research as entry points for the students, bringing the subject to life, and producing a range of multimedia material based on the work.

Breaking the ice with new seminar groups

Prof Alastair Hudson gives his advice and discusses his experiences of breaking the ice with a new group.

Answering questions in seminars

Prof Alastair Hudson discusses how to the difficult questions from students in a seminar, especially those to which you may not know the answer, using examples from his experience from teaching and politics.

Teaching through storytelling

Prof Alastair Hudson describes how he picks his cases and case studies to use as stories to tell the students to bring the technicalities of the Law to life for the students and help them to understand.