Content Types


This website is designed to provide easy online access to collections of resources on learning and teaching, for academics at Queen Mary. Different types of content will be added over time, starting with the (growing) collection of ideas videos.

The site was run, up to summer 2012, by Dr Giles Martin in what was then the Learning Institute, but was created with the help and contributions of colleagues from Schools and Departments from across the College.

It is now managed by the Educational Development team in the Centre for Academic and Professional Practice.

Using the Site

You can find content and resources on this site using a range of methods. The search box can be used to search the whole site, or the search can be restricted to particular types of content. The content is ‘tagged’ with one or more topics and the list of topics can be browsed from the ‘Topics’ button under the banner. Alternatively, the content is also tagged by contributor, so if you can use the list of contributors, again on the main menu under the banner, to find content by a particular person. Both the topics and the contributors, where mentioned, can generally be clicked to bring up other content similarly tagged.

Types of Content

As further resources of different types are added to the site, the ‘type’ will appear on the menus and which will bring up a list (in order of posting, with most recent first).


The “Ideas” videos are short informal films of staff at Queen Mary talking about ideas and techniques that they have found useful in their learning and teaching and are willing to share with colleagues, rather than “best practice”. The ideas may be big or small, new or old, and the contributors present their personal experiences, including at times when things do not work.

The videos are not professionally produced or filmed in a studio, but generally filmed in the contributor’s office and each one concentrates on a particular idea. The filming isĀ informal and unscripted, with the contributor simply explaining to a colleague what they do and what they find works well for them in their learning and teaching.

If you would like to contribute to the collection then please get in touch.


“Spotlight” posts bring together a variety of different resources to present a focus on a particular topic.