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Linking Research and Teaching

Two of the main roles a modern academic has are as a researcher and a teacher. This post presents the experiences of a set of academics, who in their research and teaching practice, have found different beneficial ways of linking the two activities, from using their research results, to using research as a teaching tool, to using teaching to inform research.

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Student Experience of Learning Resources

This spotlight focuses on the student experience of learning resources at Queen Mary. It contains the resources and results of the investigations and research carried out by the Students’ Union and presented at the 2012 Student Experience Seminar.

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Welcome to the Learning and Teaching Ideas site at Queen Mary University of London.

The "Ideas" site provides a home and web portal for easy access to collections of resources on learning and teaching for use by academics at Queen Mary. Resources have been contributed by staff from across the College and the site is managed by the Centre for Academic and Professional Development (CAPD).

It is a growing collection of videos contributed by staff at Queen Mary, each sharing a single "idea" that they find useful in their learning and teaching. Both this collection and other upcoming resources are ongoing projects and further types of content will be added in future.

You can search the site, browse the ideas videos, or browse by topic or contributor.